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Orlando and Mary Rivera
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If you're planning looking to hire a Community Association Management company, to get your HOA in order to simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to show you our credentials.

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Asset Real Estate, Inc. was founded in 1990 at the request of, and with the encouragement of Orlando, Florida real estate investors who felt that a strong personal quality commitment to real estate property management was lacking in the Orlando marketplace.

It is a company driven by one very clear and singularly important mission; "Take care of the client...,enhance the value."

It is also a commitment full of special responsibilities. Responsibilities which demand focused attention to the varied details and complexities of making sure the modern residential community operates successfully and smoothly.

That stewardship is taken very seriously at Asset Real Estate. It means listening carefully to the desires and needs of the governing board and fulfilling those needs. It means satisfying the prompt collection of assessments to maintain the sound fiscal health of the community. It means constant vigilance in maintaining the common elements of a community at their very best levels at all times. It means assuring that liability exposures are always kept to the barest minimum, or eliminated entirely wherever possible.

Above all it means fostering and contributing to the development of an atmosphere where a board of governors is free to concentrate on making the very best business decisions for their community, confident that their management team is providing them with the highest quality of consistent professional service and advice.

At Asset Real Estate we take great pride in knowing we provide that high degree of personal attention and service every day, and have done so for many years. Our long-term relationships with our clients prove that our stewardship has met their needs, and that we have fulfilled our responsibilities time and time again.

We welcome the opportunity to do the same for your community.